How can Artificial Intelligence contribute to the Enterprise?

In the business world, the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought an enormous change. Most of the companies and enterprises have been embracing new technologies — AI and machine learning — to automate their business process. Properly harnessed, AI can enhance worker productivity and help to garner fatter profit margins.     Corresponding to Gartner’s report Predicts 2017: Artificial Intelligence, through 2020, organizations using cognitive ergonomics and system design in new AI projects will attain long-term success four times more than often than others. By 2019, AI platform services will cannibalize revenues for 30% marketing leading companies. By 2019, startups will overtake major companies in driving the AI economy with disruptive business solutions.

AI-Enabled Cloud Management  

Cloud Management is the necessity of enterprises, of late. The cloud computing marketing is rising rapidly due to the excessive demand. Most of the enterprises face difficulties in managing their cloud-enabled environment due to two major grounds. Beforehand, they perceive it challenging due to changeover to the cloud from on-premise systems. Secondly, there are no major advantages in regard to cost compared to the on-premise system. By bringing intelligent machine operations the enterprises can reduce alerts fatigue, reduce cloud costs and improve cloud security compliance. AI enabled cloud management is useful for the enterprises as it analyzes big data from various tools and services and automatically tackles topics in real-time.   

AI for Business Intelligence  

Assuming the right business decision is the key to success for any enterprise. AI and machine learning tools and applications will help enterprises to take the most ethical decisions. Predictive analytics is the new buzz in the business world and enterprises have been attempting to leverage the same to boost their productivity and performance. This can also facilitate the enterprises to slash their costs like operations, marketing, and brand promotions.  

AI for Cybersecurity  

Cybersecurity is the biggest worry for the enterprises. The cyber security market is gaining momentum following the recent cyber attacks on various societies. The security instruments and software will be in excessive demand. Using the AI in the cybersecurity, enterprises can guard their data more efficiently. AI-enabled products will be helpful in studying the threat information in a real-time. Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in the network security systems will vigilantly against threats and exposures. These technologies will make your data more secure and sentinel from any kind of threat.   Besides these, the technologies like AI and machine learning could be implemented in other fields of the business process. Many enterprises have already implemented the technology in business communication and bringing off their customers. AI enabled Chatbots are being used by enterprises to deal with clients and performing multiple tasks.  

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