About Us

Infinite Creativ Solutions is a one stop destination that brings together the complete range of services to start, grow and manage businesses. We help firms build long-term plans with specific goals through our incisive brand strategy solutions. Designing the perfect launch pad for new businesses, our team of industry experts offers relentless support to create differentiating brand identities through our creative gamut of services. Focused on Digital Marketing and Development of Websites, Software & Mobile Applications, we offer specialized new business services through our exclusive startup-centric platform, Creativ Hub. With a successful experience handling small to medium size and promising businesses, we continue to make a mark in the industry for our commitment, timeliness and superior quality of services. We cover everything you need to run your business.

Who Are We?

We are a bunch of passionate professionals who have witnessed the remarkable growth of start ups in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. We salute the undying spirit and relentless persuasion of these new comers that has significantly contributed to the economic growth of our countries like never before. In an earnest attempt to make our start up ecosystem more welcoming and sustaining, we created Infinite Creativ Solutions, a one stop marketplace that brings together all high quality professional services needed for setting up new businesses under one roof, at affordable prices.


We are Infinite Creativ Solutions

Got an Idea? We Build Your Dreams to Brands We are Infinite Creativ Solutions, the One-Stop Destination for all your Creative & Business Needs.

We are a Start up First Company

As catalysts to start ups and small businesses, we bring together all your new business requirements under one roof at the most affordable prices

Creativ Hub

Bringing ideas to life, Creativ Hub offers end to end range of professional services that help you start, grow and manage your business